Find Your True Self - Video

UP-DATED: Dec. 2017

The Enneagram is a self-discovery tool. It will define your fears, your strenghts, your complusions, how you perceive reality, and how you organize your thoughts. It will explain why you do what you do and how you expect others to respond to you in your world.

To know your self is the beginning to understanding all things.

Here's a short video which will help you understand what the Enneagram is and how you can use it to discover your true self. Discover you personality type.....After watching the video I invite you to discover your personality type by following the instructions at the bottom of this blog. Steve Hart


Happy People Make Better Lovers

Are you looking for a relationship?

Someone is looking for you.
Do you know what they are looking for?

Would you consider yourself a happy person?

Would your friends, your significant other, or your spouse say your are a happy person?

Here is a Secret...

Your happiness is found from within....other people can NOT make you happy. You must find happiness on your own.

If you are struggling with a relationship...the answer to your happiness is within you. You can NOT make another person happy rather each of you must find your own happiness.

The Enneagram will help you discover the "Real You" and what makes you happy.

It is a path of self-discovery. The Enneagram will raise your self awareness. It will give you power to choose what makes you happy. You will learn your strengths and what motivates you to achieve success.

Steve Hart


The Enneagram Secrets

What are the Enneagram Secrets?

I am about to share with you a few secrets. I call them secrets because you most likely don’t know what I am about to tell you, at least not consciously.

These secrets are not about the Enneagram...they are about the real YOU!

The Enneagram will act as a guide and help you understand these secrets. It will act as a map or road signs to where you are going. The question is...are you ready?

The Enneagram is all about your self-discovery. It will not mean anything to you until you are ready to understand who you are?

Here is the first secret...you are a part of a Collective Consciousness through a diverse pattern of different personalities and yet all of them are all ONE.

This is a second secret...everyone does not perceive, know, believe or think as you do? This why you get so frustrated when people have trouble understanding you. You think everyone thinks or should think as you do. You may think everyone sees, hears, and feels the same as you. Not everyone perceives nor thinks as you do.

And another secret is.....there are two parts to your personality and yet the two are one. You may be familiar with the first part, it is commonly known as your ego. The second part is the observer, or some call it your higher self.

When you are aware of your thoughts, actions and behavior...it is the observer within you that is doing so. This is what I call your "True Self."

Your ego is your attachment to this world. It is only aware of itself. It is your ego that separates you from God, others and all truth. Your attachments to this world are the source of all your pain, suffering, and anger.

The Enneagram will help you expose your perceptions, your ego, your thoughts and behavior and the source of your pain. When you know the "real you" and what you want...you can make the choices that best serve you and your higher self.

Steve Hart